I want to either join or start a private tracker exclusively for self-published/unpublished media, low quality rips, high generation xeroxes, generally cursed content (no snuff though). I emailed one for an invite and they never got back to me

Reason #89237 I am laughing is because this private tracker doesn't retain aspect ratio when scaling avatars

Workspace is coming along. I want to paint the walls eventually but the wood grain sure is a feel

nobody will ever convince me that the word tautology doesn't refer to a cult about ropes

Bought this at Ax-Man ages ago. I should put a proper electrical plug on this to make a nice lamp

I am more grateful and feeling good about the people in my life helping me understand AC and home wiring precepts than I would have expected, because I rightfully fear this stuff but sometimes too much for what is useful for being a homeowner

oh so that’s why a couple of LED lights blew up

I’m using a bitmap font and fake transparency in urxvt like it’s 2003 again and all I need to make this fuckin tableau complete is a wallpaper of tux blazin it scaled to the wrong aspect ratio

wow monodevelop became good at some point apparently

The joy of a rabbit who is too old for binkies doing binkies anyway is really great

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I am not kidding I turned off the breaker and there is nothing in my house that is unlit that should be lit, all appliances accounted for, etc. maybe there is a secret grow op in a previously unknown subbasement

discovered today my electrical panel in my house has what looks like a double pole 30A breaker that inexplicably only has a single 120V receptacle attached to it and I only started looking into this thing because it killed two LED lights that were plugged into it so uhhhhhhhhhh I turned that fucker off and I'm gonna call an electrician sometime

I like terseness on posts, verbosity on alt text, and watching a script backfill transcodes on FLAC torrents I’ve uploaded

finally maxed out alt text on an image, feels good

my basement is about to become u s e f u l l

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