lol fuck. The 7.5.3 upgrade bombed out on the 16th and final floppy. Goodnight

I don't know why I'm still using ubuntu. systemd randomly stomped on my resolv.conf with itself instead of what DHCP is handing out, which I didn't notice until I was doing a traceroute and my router started reversing to "_gateway". kiss my ASS

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that is a fuckin discouraging pile of floppy icons

I found an Apple AAUI Ethernet transceiver in a box and I have no idea why or how. I think someone threw their garbage into my moving truck when we bought the house

I know how to bridge LocalTalk and Ethernet in theory but this feels like a magic invocation that I barely understand

modchipping notwithstanding since that's not something a retail customer would want to take on themselves, but for $100 you can get a ps1 and a pile of games and have $50 leftover for a ps2 and a pile of ps2 games

old playstations are dirt cheap if you just go to goodwills or garage sales more than twice a year, both a ps1 and ps2 cost me $15 each

hard to really see the point of the playstation classic considering three different generations of playstation can still run those games with (relatively) zero lag, and the games are all available in thrift stores for a song

dirtbag self-actualization is changing your car battery in a Costco parking lot in the winter

I can actually turn this with my smoothman thumbs

Small stuff is hard to print well but I wanted to be in bed by 11

My first self-hosted 3D printer improvement

My rabbit is sitting on my foot in this picture

Faust made a deal with Mephistopheles to make this video

been looking at my spotify settings again and I'm confused why this stuff keeps showing up still

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