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it’s still hard to reconcile that I didn’t really need to get another car, but I live in a first ring suburb that wasn’t designed for a car free (at least when Rua is at work) lifestyle, so whatever

I have never had a hybrid before and it is super weird to me that they intentionally expose three different mode goggles instead of keeping it simple for the user. That said, feels good to see “100 mpg” on a trip summary

bought a used Prius plug-in. I don’t commute and transit is kind of a bummer where I am, so I expect I’ll be using it almost entirely for EV-mode only trips to the grocery store

messed up that the friends theme is by green day

Anyway, I almost got DSD working for decoding DMR, before noticing some chatter on a different repeater, where those two old hams were having their sad net. Old boomers on the radio sure do like to complain

tried to get DSD working last night. Apparently one of the repeaters I have programmed in my radio is actually for digital modes, and not just that, it's a repeater for a program that provides assistive technologies and amateur radio training for those with disabilities.

not pasting the call sign because I’m not a snitch

I heard a couple of hams having a lonely 2 person net. I looked up one of the call signs and if I heard it right his license has been expired for almost 20 years? I probably misheard

brb mimeographing a very funny political cartoon

its free rpg day, so i've made my collaborative worldbuilding game The Ground Itself pwyw on itch till midnight!


Found this for free at Free Geek Twin Cities

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