discovered today my electrical panel in my house has what looks like a double pole 30A breaker that inexplicably only has a single 120V receptacle attached to it and I only started looking into this thing because it killed two LED lights that were plugged into it so uhhhhhhhhhh I turned that fucker off and I'm gonna call an electrician sometime

Derek Arnold

I am not kidding I turned off the breaker and there is nothing in my house that is unlit that should be lit, all appliances accounted for, etc. maybe there is a secret grow op in a previously unknown subbasement

@derek or perhaps you inadvertently powered off an old VMS machine that was accidentally sealed into a doorless windowless room in your house that you were unaware of, shutting down some obscure service that has been running continuously since the building was constructed.

And now a small group of greybeards somewhere that relied on this service are beside themselves trying to figure out what's wrong!

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