Derek Arnold

why did I think that header pins would fit into a DIP socket

I guess I saw a DIP shoved into header pin sockets on my kazzo programmer and thought the inverse would work

I wonder what it is like to be good at electronics modding

@freakazoid you were right about those pins! I don't know why I was so sheepish about being slightly rough with a NES I paid $5 for anyway

@derek I'm pretty sure I've seen header pins used in DIP sockets before.

@freakazoid maybe I didn't shove hard enough. I was worried I would break something

@freakazoid looking at the pictures, the pins I have are much thicker, so that is probably the issue

@derek They do look small but from searching around a bit I can find no evidence that there's a smaller size for DIP sockets. For example Sparkfun's SOIC to DIP adapter just points you at regular header pins:

@freakazoid thanks for the encouragement. I will just push harder!

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