hi mastodon I hate running an instance but I love you

I'd like to bridge a lighter website with the fediverse but I lack the will to deal with activitypub

can everyone just subscribe to my rss feed on my website instead

@derek why don't you do a thingy - idk if it is simpler tho

There's a bot that converts RSS feeds to activitypub, I can dig out the URL if you want

@derek I've been wanting to run my own pleroma instance... mastodon seems like a complicated mess tbh

@antifuchs I just hate ruby with the fire of a thousand firey ball things, I don't mind dockerizing it, but I do not have the will or understanding of ruby infrastructure to give it the care it needs, or trust that I am administrating it properly

@antifuchs @derek pleroma is kind of a joy to run, and the source code is a surprisingly easy read even though I'd never encountered elixir in my life

@antifuchs @derek pleroma ain’t bad to set up and works pretty well. would recommend.

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