I was about to make an inner dialogue about federation maybe being too complicated but I think maybe I am doing a silly thing by running a giant docker stack to have effectively just my account haphazardly interact with other accounts. I'd be better served on a small instance with a good core group with similar interests

this kinda ties into my recent thoughts of at least a personal loss of places online that have a locality, whether it's geographical, hobby-related, or just friend groups, but it ends up being me projecting those feelings onto everyone else

but I really do believe a serious loss of humanity on the internet was when we started letting a global platform like facebook house our various localities. I'm thinking of people who use facebook to do community stuff because there are no other tools to do so anymore apparently

global platforms have so poisoned the language of the internet that people refer to the fediverse as Mastodon and nobody corrects them, and really what should have happened is federating with other instances should be case by case with no option for a wildcard

so this thing where everyone loses their shit because some user made a website for a cop's wife in the 90s and everyone scrambles to figure out if this person is their Mortal Enemy or their True Friends shit wouldn't be happening

the way I think of it is "default approve" federation means you have a standing algorithm that defaults to approving nazis ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I'd like to affirm gatekeepers suck too

@derek yes! I'm adding whitelist federation to my fork this summer

@derek The longer I think about ActivityPub the more invested I become in IndieWeb

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