bought a used Prius plug-in. I don’t commute and transit is kind of a bummer where I am, so I expect I’ll be using it almost entirely for EV-mode only trips to the grocery store

I have never had a hybrid before and it is super weird to me that they intentionally expose three different mode goggles instead of keeping it simple for the user. That said, feels good to see “100 mpg” on a trip summary

it’s still hard to reconcile that I didn’t really need to get another car, but I live in a first ring suburb that wasn’t designed for a car free (at least when Rua is at work) lifestyle, so whatever

@derek One of my coworkers recently got one of those, and he told me the manual recommends to run at least one tank of gas through it in a year to keep the gas from getting old. It totally blew my mind that that might actually be a challenge for a car that's driven across town daily, which is awesome.

(And I had thought it was pretty great to 'only' have to fill my Accord once a month!)

@drewzero1 I thought about that! I guess a strategy of filling the tank when it is halfway or less seems appropriate. I like that it’s a strange car, and a bit uncommon in Minnesota since it was never offered for sale here during this generation’s production.

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