Anyone have a guess of what the other side of this connector looks like? It’s a Thinkpad 300

@derek going out on a limb here, I'm gonna guess it looks like something which fits into the negative space in this port

@derek Unfortunately pictures of the power cable appear to be extremely rare. The closest I can find so far is the examples on the right in this picture

@sinistar that's further than I got. Where'd you find that? I'm considering seeing if I can open it and just replace it with a barrel jack so I can use a more modern ac/dc adapter

@derek I was just frantically digging up any pictures from people selling them in hopes they would post the power bricks. Also dug up the service manual and tried searching for the part number but it seems they do not exist. Trying to change the adapter might be the easier option.

@derek wow what a sweet find. I'm guessing you found all this already but just in case, (google translate ftw)
You might find a psu part number in the archived docs (IBM was really thorough about that kind of thing) and possibly the mentioned Zenith models might provide clues as well.

I'd guess that plug looks like a DIN jack (like a ps2 keyboard but bigger) on the outside with two pins inside. It has a key slot at the bottom like ps2 does.

@eqe thanks for spotting that key slot. I just compared a ps/2 connector with it and it looks like it's a bit larger than the mini-din shield, but smaller than a full-size. Was kind of hoping I could still make a franken-cable for it. I checked around for the part number (found it in the HMM for this model) but no luck. Still thinking I'm going to have to try and replace it with a barrel but I'd rather not if I don't have to.

@derek argh I'm failing my saving throw against nerdsnipe :) the P/N is 33G6490 and this site claims to have one for sale (but the photo is of a more modern HP psu so who knows)

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