Got this weird old 8088 board from Free Geek, didn’t expect much from it. But after bending over the key pin, it powers up and I’m treated to a custom BIOS! Don’t have any more 8-bit cards to go further, but this is very cool

Next steps are to get the other parts to do an XT clone build. I’ll need to figure out what EPROM is in this thing, find a compatible EEPROM, and flash a usable BIOS, ideally

Oh boy I did not notice how many rom sockets are on this board

@derek only if installing custom BIOS were so easy these days.

I have to break out a hardware kit just to flash core/libreboot.

@crash_override I've had some recent muscle memory with my EEPROM programmer, so I'm hoping I'll be able to stumble my way through it

@derek I would be interested in any ROM dumps that you may come up with,

@crash_override hell yes. If there aren't any issues I'll share what I get from this thing. But there are clone BIOSes (Phoenix etc) around for XT that I don't have a link handy for

@derek thank you so very much for satisfying my curiosities.

@crash_override yeah, no problem. it turned out to be less interesting than I'd though, since just the boot message was changed vs. other similar motherboard BIOSes

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