Just ordered an eeprom programmer finally so I can do a dump of this thing’s brain

I have...a US minitel terminal now. USWest apparently for a time in test markets offered minitel services that were even connected to the French minitel network? I’m taking this thing apart because there’s the smell of something breaking down and I want to make sure it isn’t mouse piss or a blown cap

There's an sd2iec build for the arduino mega, and hey, it's relatively easy to get flashed and set up. next steps: build a better serial cable, get a nice housing, and put it all inside.

Anyone have a guess of what the other side of this connector looks like? It’s a Thinkpad 300

this was a hard won battle for me. I can't tell if it's good or bad but I managed to write a (NES) sprite tile flip macro that takes a sprite address in ca65 :D

Been soldering. A bit lately. Here’s a DRA818V breakout and a 144ish MHz bandpass I put together, before I absolutely wrecked the coils to tune them. NanoVNA arrives this week so hopefully I can more accurately tune this and my trash antennas

if you need to know one thing about a town I lived in for around a decade it’s this series of pictures

I only buy my hearing aids from the beefiest of fake marines

vacation, day ????. Tried and failed to tune my second hentenna. I think I actually did a very bad job crimping this coax cable, and also need to do a few turns of coax around some scrap pvc to match impedance. But who knows because I don’t actually know what I’m doing. Also, 8awg solid copper wire is kinda ridiculous to solder with a normal iron

hey, I didn't do too bad this time! I forgot about doppler shift for a second, and it went out of range in the middle of the next one, but I'll take it as a win! Multimode for OSX is really really good. GQRX + soundflower makes it pretty easy to capture SSTV imagery.

well, I tried as hard as I could to decode one of the ISS SSTV transmissions :crt_w_test_pattern:

I built this antenna, it isn’t the best but I made it. I don’t have equipment to tune it super well, but I can look at the squiggles in gqrx and figure out if my noise floor/signal look better or worse, and you know what, it’s ok! Using this for my raspberry pi Igate

looks like someone's running some high altitude balloons down in iowa tonight. their tocall is CQ so I sent a message but I don't think they're gonna reply :o)

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