hell yeah they let just anyone write c

curse the realms of this dogshit planet where it is already april 1 for inflicting this waste of electrons on me

Free windows vista home oem license for anyone that wants it

still remember fondly the time I vandalized a wikipedia page and someone added this barnstar to the talk page for my IP with the message "generally good edits"

My roof rake came with this sticker and sorry regulators it’s going on a laptop instead of the rake

last night we got Chinese food and it came with a Command/Insult Cookie

I wish I was better at this lol. Doesn’t help I didn’t know the chip was glued down

Reason #89237 I am laughing is because this private tracker doesn't retain aspect ratio when scaling avatars

Workspace is coming along. I want to paint the walls eventually but the wood grain sure is a feel

Bought this at Ax-Man ages ago. I should put a proper electrical plug on this to make a nice lamp

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