Spent some time in a park this evening

I only buy my hearing aids from the beefiest of fake marines

vacation, day ????. Tried and failed to tune my second hentenna. I think I actually did a very bad job crimping this coax cable, and also need to do a few turns of coax around some scrap pvc to match impedance. But who knows because I don’t actually know what I’m doing. Also, 8awg solid copper wire is kinda ridiculous to solder with a normal iron

do you think local hams will appreciate this

hey, I didn't do too bad this time! I forgot about doppler shift for a second, and it went out of range in the middle of the next one, but I'll take it as a win! Multimode for OSX is really really good. GQRX + soundflower makes it pretty easy to capture SSTV imagery.

well, I tried as hard as I could to decode one of the ISS SSTV transmissions :crt_w_test_pattern:

I built this antenna, it isn’t the best but I made it. I don’t have equipment to tune it super well, but I can look at the squiggles in gqrx and figure out if my noise floor/signal look better or worse, and you know what, it’s ok! Using this for my raspberry pi Igate

looks like someone's running some high altitude balloons down in iowa tonight. their tocall is CQ so I sent a message but I don't think they're gonna reply :o)

Took apart one of these at freegeektwincities.org on Saturday. Forgot to take a picture but the leather handle was in nearly perfect condition. Only thing really yellow was the keyboard. The CRT looked great! The young folks working said it “looked like fallout” yeah it does! Only better!

yeaaaah I think I’m gonna set up a radio bbs soon

definitely not buying this based on the angles of this man's wrists in the official promo video alone

Found this for free at Free Geek Twin Cities

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