Leading Edge XT clone progress: onboard video was disabled because it was missing a jumper on J10. And this Epson TTL display works!

I definitely don't have the will to have a budget for a real IBM XT, but I definitely have a place in my budget and in my heart for this cute XT clone. This is as close as I'm going to get to my childhood Canon XT clone.

So here’s the actual model number. And the broken key was actually an LED. Anyone know a museum that would be a good home for this thing?

Here's a fun stack: A MIDI mixer that includes color?! I didn't know there were ways to add color to Hypercard, I think?

Did stuff with old computers today. New computer shown for scale I guess

just showing off my desk with moody lighting so everyone knows how bright these leds are on this neotrellis

I cleaned so much blue death chalk from this computer

I posted about this power adapter for this Thinkpad 300 before, and Free Geek Twin Cities actually had a compatible Zenith Z-Note charger I borrowed. So that’s what the connector looks like

Ok these are out of order, but I have a working IBM Thinkpad 300. The floppy is nonfunctional and the hard drive was toast, so I dd’d a disk image with msdos 5.22 and win3.1 onto a 40gb hard drive, which this impressively recognizes like it was made for it (I made the partition smaller)

Just ordered an eeprom programmer finally so I can do a dump of this thing’s brain

I have...a US minitel terminal now. USWest apparently for a time in test markets offered minitel services that were even connected to the French minitel network? I’m taking this thing apart because there’s the smell of something breaking down and I want to make sure it isn’t mouse piss or a blown cap

There's an sd2iec build for the arduino mega, and hey, it's relatively easy to get flashed and set up. next steps: build a better serial cable, get a nice housing, and put it all inside.

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