last night we got Chinese food and it came with a Command/Insult Cookie

I wish I was better at this lol. Doesn’t help I didn’t know the chip was glued down

Reason #89237 I am laughing is because this private tracker doesn't retain aspect ratio when scaling avatars

Workspace is coming along. I want to paint the walls eventually but the wood grain sure is a feel

Bought this at Ax-Man ages ago. I should put a proper electrical plug on this to make a nice lamp

oh so that’s why a couple of LED lights blew up

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my basement is about to become u s e f u l l

Moved from 16 color ANSI to 256 :) I think this is about done. I plan on moving from a lot of weighted Math.random to making it a real cellular automata but the end result is far better than I expected I'd be able to do in a few days. All in all, a good birthday card for my wife even if I finished it late.

I worked on a game state engine for around 3 months and it runs like shit and then I whipped up a much less generalized cellular automata in 3 hours that is just so much more satisfying to let run

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I found this on the sidewalk in Brooklyn the other night

I don't know if any of these are any good, but I know that some of them will be very bad

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