I found this on the sidewalk in Brooklyn the other night

I don't know if any of these are any good, but I know that some of them will be very bad

This is my favorite one-of-a-kind found CD from a local thrift store: discogs.com/Mines-Friends-Anem

For one thing it is actually good, and the cover is an awesome glued-together collage, numbered 7/100

Here is the weirdest CD I ever bought in a thrift store. Show more

Did a mortal kombat style fatality to my bathroom tonight

Rua is watching a show and they have the same wall sculpture as us wtf

Thanksgiving day and we finished eating and now my wife and her mom are watching the dog show while I take apart and measure the different parts of an Apple Desktop Bus mouse so I can try and recreate it in openscad

LED lighting has really made trees look absolutely fucked up at night. Like the tree is growing at the bottom of a well. I love it

ah cool totally normal to have five accounts like this register for your instance, all with free email accounts in russia

When I am thrifting, it is pretty much a rule that if a tape has a typewritten or handwritten label and isn’t just a verbatim copy of an album, I will buy it

Turns out if you put a blanket on Petra, it’s extremely cute, and she also has a side quest with a small exp payout

ok the newest version of cura has presets for my printer and I’ve printed some stuff and it doesn’t look like I melted a pen with a lighter anymore

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