@eqe thanks for spotting that key slot. I just compared a ps/2 connector with it and it looks like it's a bit larger than the mini-din shield, but smaller than a full-size. Was kind of hoping I could still make a franken-cable for it. I checked around for the part number (found it in the HMM for this model) but no luck. Still thinking I'm going to have to try and replace it with a barrel but I'd rather not if I don't have to.

@sinistar that's further than I got. Where'd you find that? I'm considering seeing if I can open it and just replace it with a barrel jack so I can use a more modern ac/dc adapter

Anyone have a guess of what the other side of this connector looks like? It’s a Thinkpad 300

finally broke my brain enough that ncurses makes sense

after doing assembly for a bit, c feels like javascript

this was a hard won battle for me. I can't tell if it's good or bad but I managed to write a (NES) sprite tile flip macro that takes a sprite address in ca65 :D

The space I was in for this show was incredibly small and seeing Big Business there was perfect, despite the hearing damage. That band has the hardest working drummer I’ve ever seen

Update: you can tell I’m a relative geezer at these things because they didn’t have the city-mandated bucket of earplugs and I was mad enough to just order my own permanent set of earplugs since I am going for a rare second show in a month

Going to go to a show tonight where doors open at 9 and there three openers and I’m 37 and I get up at 6:30 every morning. I’m going to fall asleep in a bar tonight

me: an old game console is a portal into a labyrinth of half-forgotten pasts, a bridge to one's former life in all its sweetness and regret. a place, real yet unreal, lost in the immensity of time.
a gamer: i enjoyed purchasing this product and storing it in my home. i still store, and proudly display, this product in my home.

Always cute when the media discovers unencrypted PII is sent over pager networks every few months and hospitals keep doing it

The DRA818V’s serial interface is a bit obtuse. I followed directions for everything and I just cannot get aerial parameters correct for it. I measured the logic levels and I’m definitely handling TTL properly. Got so frustrated I took a full break from radio shit this week.

Been soldering. A bit lately. Here’s a DRA818V breakout and a 144ish MHz bandpass I put together, before I absolutely wrecked the coils to tune them. NanoVNA arrives this week so hopefully I can more accurately tune this and my trash antennas

if you need to know one thing about a town I lived in for around a decade it’s this series of pictures

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