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home-recorded performances are the entire reason I buy stacks of old casettes from thrift stores. there is nothing more rare and personal to me and I don't know if the person that recorded them would want me to have them but I'd like to think they wouldn't want them in a thrift store ready to be dubbed over

two of the tapes I got from goodwill are gifts of home-recorded music to their aunt and uncle as an anniversary gift. the casette insert says it was done with "two tape recorders" which is awesome as hell and I will be scanning and ripping these tapes soon

I did all this dumb garbage to try and put this mac classic online and forgot to install fuckin hypercard

thinking about using tinker card instead of openscad for the ADB mouse

still thinking about the jacquer. is it like lacquer, or is it zshack-A. impossible to know really

from now on I designate jacquard looms as "The Jacquer"

Thanksgiving day and we finished eating and now my wife and her mom are watching the dog show while I take apart and measure the different parts of an Apple Desktop Bus mouse so I can try and recreate it in openscad

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LED lighting has really made trees look absolutely fucked up at night. Like the tree is growing at the bottom of a well. I love it

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ah cool totally normal to have five accounts like this register for your instance, all with free email accounts in russia

When I am thrifting, it is pretty much a rule that if a tape has a typewritten or handwritten label and isn’t just a verbatim copy of an album, I will buy it

"the tightrope is taut" is a tautology

Turns out if you put a blanket on Petra, it’s extremely cute, and she also has a side quest with a small exp payout

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