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tunnels are better than bridges because they will become hidden cursed spaces when the song of humanity has concluded

I worked on a game state engine for around 3 months and it runs like shit and then I whipped up a much less generalized cellular automata in 3 hours that is just so much more satisfying to let run

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I think this supernatural Gritty awakening is maybe a bit heavy handed but all I’m saying is he is the agent of Roko’s Basilisk and we should follow him into the abyss

hi a tiny tim song was in a commercial so of course I have done nothing but listen to tiny tim and read about tiny tim for an hour

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the solution to this like many things is ln -s

put a iMac g3 back together and only had eight screws leftover so clearly I am good at what I do

transmission-daemon's file verification code trims folder names and then helpfully does not recognize the changed directory as valid

turns out if you want to make transmission-daemon freak the fuck out put a trailing space on a directory name

Just Cause 4 is just The Incredible Machine with guns

I found this on the sidewalk in Brooklyn the other night

I don't know if any of these are any good, but I know that some of them will be very bad

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