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I almost always go to bed thinking about how good the coffee in the morning is going to be

ok looks like AVR might be better suited for this

only other concern is 3.3v vs 5v but I can order some logic level converters. I am not sure what I am doing yet but I do know I want to piggyback off of the NES's PPU rendering/memory and do something weird

ok, the CPU has a clock input and the CPU and PPU both use this to derive their clock speed, so in theory I could put in a new clock input from an ESP32 and drive the rest of that, making sure I can keep in sync with any code....I think???? based on what I read here

Wondering if you could underclock an esp32 or esp8266 to match a NES clock cycle, prob not though right

I wish I was better at this lol. Doesn’t help I didn’t know the chip was glued down

I want to either join or start a private tracker exclusively for self-published/unpublished media, low quality rips, high generation xeroxes, generally cursed content (no snuff though). I emailed one for an invite and they never got back to me

Reason #89237 I am laughing is because this private tracker doesn't retain aspect ratio when scaling avatars

Workspace is coming along. I want to paint the walls eventually but the wood grain sure is a feel

nobody will ever convince me that the word tautology doesn't refer to a cult about ropes

Bought this at Ax-Man ages ago. I should put a proper electrical plug on this to make a nice lamp

I am more grateful and feeling good about the people in my life helping me understand AC and home wiring precepts than I would have expected, because I rightfully fear this stuff but sometimes too much for what is useful for being a homeowner

oh so that’s why a couple of LED lights blew up

I’m using a bitmap font and fake transparency in urxvt like it’s 2003 again and all I need to make this fuckin tableau complete is a wallpaper of tux blazin it scaled to the wrong aspect ratio

wow monodevelop became good at some point apparently

The joy of a rabbit who is too old for binkies doing binkies anyway is really great

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