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does this honda cr-v come with an optional brodie knob

Listening to the late japanese ambient/minimalist musician Hiroshi Yoshimura's album Music for Nine Post Cards I can't help but wonder if the early Album Leaf material is heavily influenced by this. Specifically the electric piano and synth strings. See: (Album Leaf - Window) and (Music for Nine Post Cards)

My roof rake came with this sticker and sorry regulators it’s going on a laptop instead of the rake

an I just going to be let down if I keep using pygame for a thing

it's 2019 and every game has to be named shit like Aetna or BlueCross Blue Shield and you walk around inside a Transformer with a magic gun shooting 10,000 cockroaches

it's nice to have a freebsd install in the house again

bad dream, couldn’t sleep, got up to get some Night Water, before I turn the kitchen light off I see an orange animal hop across my view in the living room. The joys of not keeping a rabbit in a cage 🐇 😊

mostly I just want to fork micropolis and draw nicer game tiles

someone make a transport simulation game where you can hear each individual agent in the game’s screams simultaneously as they pull into heavy traffic

welp I just gary indiana'd my micropolis town named "butt city"

There is something great about cleaning up an NES board after removing a chip and seeing the silkscreen that says PPU underneath, covered for decades until I found it again

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