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I can't believe how much joy is in my life from having an uncaged rabbit in the house. There are many mornings I slowly wake up to the plodding of Petra's heavy hops on the floor of our bedroom, opening my eyes to see her finish doing her lap under the bed, watching her silhouette leave the room, my signal to get up give her attention

going to try and not look at historic plat maps today but I know I’ll do it anyway

bad stuff happening to animals 

bad stuff happening to animals 

bad stuff happening to animals 

photos of a dead bird (non-gory) 

fat rabbit making the face I make when I make eye contact with a coworker

can everyone just subscribe to my rss feed on my website instead

I'd like to bridge a lighter website with the fediverse but I lack the will to deal with activitypub

hi mastodon I hate running an instance but I love you

I’m not sure writing a pure bash implementation of a custom template parser was a good idea

I started off thinking this was a bit overboard but now am kinda wondering it's more right than wrong

of course I could have continued to use jq to parse json metafiles, but now, I am now sourcing individual files with associative array assignments lol

it's really a tough situation because the immediate and near-universal availability of bash means it's incredibly friction free to start bash-based projects and working on them is the most baffling and arcane experience, so much that it feels like a major victory when you write a single line that works sometimes

of course the cycle continues, I fix the thing I thought was an IFS problem but was actually unneeded quotes, and now it's working very nicely

I'm writing a small static site generator in pure bash and I am resisting every bone in my body to just trash it write it in half an hour in python with jinja2

I think I like working in bash scripts because it takes an entire day to do something that would normally take ten minutes

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